Sunday, April 3, 2016

Why "Draw Near"?

I had a rough few years.




Parenting twinfants.

Changing jobs.

I wish I could say those experiences made me rely on my faith and deepened my walk with Christ.  Unfortunately, that's not my story.  Those experiences were a time of loneliness and isolation.  I felt far away from God, my friends and my family.  People would say things like "God will give you a baby when he wants you to have one," "this is all a part of God's plan," and other things that were meant to comfort me but only served to make me feel more alone.

Fast-forwarding to last summer, I was ending my second year at a new job (teaching middle school, yay!), working on my physical self and feeling convicted that I needed to work on my spiritual self.  A life-long lover of ink pens and pretty paper, I was drawn to images I saw on Pinterest of quotes and verses and started trying them out in a sketchbook I bought on a whim.

an early recreation of a Pinterest post
and verse that is near to anyone
who has had a baby after IF.
I saw my first pictures of Bible journaling and was instantly drawn to the idea of using something I'm proud of and confident in, my handwriting, to strengthen something I wasn't so confident in, my faith.  I wanted to instantly run out and buy all the fancy new supplies I saw being used on Pinterest but
wanted to be careful that I was more excited about spending time reading and studying than about ink pens and handwriting.  I began to read and emulate entries I saw on Pinterest in an old Bible that was sitting forgotten on a shelf.

As I focused on spending time with Christ, other things in my life starting changing as well.  I found and joined a new church, joined a small group and starting inviting people to go to church with me.  Less than a year later, I have made countless connections with people because of my hand lettering and have a full row with me at church most Sundays.  I have hosted hand lettering classes with teenagers and am getting ready for my first Bible journaling workship at a local church's women's retreat this month.

God is Good and I have literally drawn nearer because of the simple act of putting pen to paper.

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