Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wanted: Balance

I've really felt led the last few months to streamline my life.  My work life, specifically, tends to blow up and more and more ends up on my plate until I resent it.  That's where I've been the last few months at work.  I have other things (hello, Draw Near!) that I would rather be devoting my time to and moments to spend with L&LA while they're in such a fun age.

Thus far, it does not appear to be working very well.  If I said "yes" to everything someone at school has asked me to do this summer, I would be working ten days beyond my required three PD days.  Obviously, my request for a break has not fallen on receptive ears.

I am at a loss for how to accomplish this "less is more" mentality at school without burning bridges or alienating people.  I understand that the jobs of others around and above me go better when my job is rocking.  I also understand that they are people with spouses and families and wish they'd hear what I'm kindly saying and respect the fact that I am not trying to climb a ladder, build a resume or work any connections.  I want to be a mom and wife who also happens to be a great teacher, not the other way around.

I need balance.  I've talked with my small group at church about it and it helped immensely to have people say "I hear you.  That is not an unreasonale request."  Maybe that is what we all need.  To be heard and understood.

I sincerely want to have a willing spirit.  Willing to listen.  Willing to follow where I am led.  Willing to put God above personal glory.