Saturday, July 9, 2016

Business Model? I have a History Degree...

Well.  That escalated quickly.

In the past twenty-four hours, I have scouted locations, filled out paperwork, created a new Facebook page and shared a blog that no one had ever seen before.  I also made every person ever with a marketing background cringe when I named my supply goodie bags KimKits.

Thank you, Lord for somehow managing to take a love of ink pens and pretty paper and turning it into a fellowship and ministry opportunity.  For me as much as for anyone else who will attend a session.
I am so humbled by how excited you all seem to be. I've been fielding PMs, texts and all manner of comments for the last couple days and that is proof this is what I'm supposed to be doing as summer winds down and I have some free time to make the logistics work. I'm also grateful for how many of you have offered your churches as a meeting place. I hope to have the chance to visit all of them in the coming weeks and months. I promise to keep putting together sessions as long as there is interest and I have childcare.
There isn't really an existing "business model" for what I am mapping out. Other bible journaling groups are either small groups within a church or commercial ventures. You guys are not a small group and represent much more than just one church. I'm also not trying to make it a business at this point; I just need the KimKits to break even with some copy money left and to get enough from other participants to cover their copy costs and other miscellaneous supplies.
The Kim Kits are coming together and I have the supplies all ready to order when I know how many you want. I promise they'll be good value for the money and every single item is being hand-picked by me. I'm buying some stuff in bulk to pass along the discount to the Kits. They are NOT a requirement for the class nor is a journaling Bible. Many of you have art/scrapbooking/school supply closets much larger than mine and can quickly and cheaply assemble your own supplies. I will ask for $2 from anyone not buying a Kit to cover your copy costs.
The number one thing I've heard from people today is that they are uncertain of their artistic/drawing abilities. Please, please, please don't let that stop you from coming. God loves abstract art and "whimsical" lettering just like he loves everyone of us. I do not consider myself an artist and have lots of tips, tricks and resources to help make beautiful work.

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